Chicago Field Hockey Club, or CFHC, is the one-and-only mixed men’s and women’s adult field hockey club in Chicagoland. Our players come from all over the world and the United States. We vary in skill level from beginners to experts but share a common passion and love for the game!



The Club formed in the late 1990s by a small group of very dedicated players and has grown tremendously over the years. As a non-profit organization in an area not well known for field hockey, we are built on the financial support and participation by our loyal members, a volunteer-run Board of Directors, and miles of enthusiasm from new players of so many diverse backgrounds. We thank each and every one of them for making field hockey a reality in our backyard.

Membership and Participation

In a typical year CFHC has approximately 112 players participating in at least one event. Out of the 112 players, 43 (39%) were fully paid members who took advantage of lower member rates; and 67 (61%) were non-members who paid non-member rates to participate.

Membership is a critical factor for us to be able to have a field hockey club in Chicago. We hope to grow our membership year over year and continue to attract new players.


Playing Opportunities All Year Round

In 2014-15, CFHC offered playing opportunities 74% of weeks. Off weeks were taken for busy holiday weekends and time in between seasons, but otherwise, play remained consistent week to week.

Geographical Breakdown

The majority of our players live in the north neighborhoods of the city of Chicago; however, we do have a significant presence of folks who travel from the suburbs.